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Reframing work methodology for mental health and neurodivergency

We want to reimagine what a creative, collaborative working methodology looks like. Our aim has from the very beginning be to work in a way that is safe and sustainable in terms of mental health, with an emphasis on the intersectionality of mental health in terms of queerness, ethnicity, disability etc.


Fearsome Thing is built and run by neurodivergent performace makers and we find that it is sadly quite uncommon for work environments to not be mindful of the variation of needs found in humans. In our upcoming project development, we want to make a concrete, palpable and sustainable reframing of a creative work environment to fully encapsulate this and be able to archive our findings to share with others. 

What would you like to include, remove or change to make your work environment feel safe, welcoming and sustainable for your wellbeing?

Thank you for sharing with us! <3

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